Anonymous asked:
Are you sure that bustier is h&m? No offense. But it might be Alexander wang...

Yes I’m pretty sure. I looked all over just to make sure and I could not find any bustiers from Alexander Wang that are striped.

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Kylie’s Instagram Photo (June 24th, 2014)

Sweater: Mystic Rasta Baja Hoodie

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Kendall in an Unknown Photoshoot (2014)

Top: H&M Bustier *Sold out*

Kylie Leaving Sugarfish in Calabasas (July 20th, 2014)

Phone case: Moschino Logo iPhone 5 Case in Red

yungnation: Kendell & @kendalljenner Love ya #Yaheardme

liltwist: juss a couple wild kidz . #90sBabys @kyliejenner @kendalljenner @newmoneyfoo

harryhudson: Family > Everything

kendalljenner: @liltwist @kyliejenner @yungnation

kendalljenner: deez are my fwiends

kyliejenner: (no border)

kyliejenner: beats

liltwist: It ain’t easy but it’s necessary


Kylie Jenner / kalifornia-klasss

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Anonymous asked:
I personally think Kylie looks prettier without makeup.

I feel like she’s gorgeous no matter what but I do love seeing her without makeup because she is gorgeous without it.

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Anonymous asked:
Do you know where Kylie got her black, red, yellow, and green sweater thing that she's wearing in her recent instagram photos?

I’m going to post a guide for it after I finish answering questions.

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Anonymous asked:
kendall wearing boyfriend jeans






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